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Concrete & Stucco

below are a few examples of our projects

Concrete cap on top of existing stonework to stop reoccuring leak.

Custom concrete caps and bullnose treads.

Exposed aggregate concrete cap.

Faux brick stucco.

New concrete driveway finished to look old.

Pebble dash stucco.

We do blockwork.

fireplace modification

formed concrete fence

coy pond in progress

exposed aggregate concrete

exposed aggregate sill

polished exposed aggregate threshhold

driveway gate piers

masonry repair

nothing stops us

Need a concrete or stucco contractor in Bucks County PA?

We have the ability to match existing colors and textures of existing concrete or stucco in need of repair. Building form work to create interesting poured concrete creations is a favorite of ours. We also do sidewalks and slab work.

Some people think concrete is boring. We at MFL know from experience that concrete is such a fluid, reliable material that if you utilize some decent carpentry skills while forming, it allows for much creativity and longevity. Being a Doylestown mason I am no doubt inspired by the works of our own Henry Mercer. Stucco keeps us busy at MFL and all employees are adept at the repair procedure we utilize that leaves the customer with an aesthetically pleasing, crack and moisture free completed job.

Clearly then the city is not a concrete jungle it is a human zoo.  - Desmond Morris