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maintaining   the   integrity   of   historical   masonry

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chimneys & fireplaces

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concrete & stucco

MFL Masonry Restoration, Inc.

maintaining the integrity of historical masonry

restore historic masonry

We have completed many projects with the goal being to return the altered structure back to more of its original form. We use authentic materials and match our new mortar to the old. Masonry cleaning and leak remediation.

brick work

professional brickwork

We can help you select the right brick and provide design ideas for your project. Repairing structural defects in existing work at a low cost is our specialty.


concrete & stucco work

We have the ability to match existing colors and textures of existing concrete or stucco in need of repair. Building form work to create interesting poured concrete creations is a favorite of ours. We also do sidewalks and slab work.


build patios & walkways

Long lasting structurally sound masonry work with creative ideas and the property always left clean and neat. Outdoor fireplaces and seating areas. Mortared work or dry set.


chimneys & fireplaces

Chimneys are one of masonry's most functional uses and we love to work on them. We build refractory brick fireboxes that draw well and radiate heat in the room. We can rig work platforms to reach any existing chimney in need of repair. Liners installed and cleaning services available.


experienced stoneworkers

Building new or repairing existing stonework including structural or veneer stone and thin adhered stone installed to look like the real thing.


who we are

Through the ages, masonry has been the building component of choice for those who desire a long lasting, low maintenance structure. The meticulous handwork, interlocked and interwoven wythes, thick, massive, loadbearing arches, vaults and corbels are likely to symbolize quality and are appreciated for their solidity.

I have worked in and around Philadelphia in the Masonry field since 1983. Over the years I have come to specialize in restoration work. MFL's approach to restoration of historical masonry is one of sensitivity towards the building's original fabric and concern for the technically correct application of the repair. That is to say we only fix what needs to be fixed and we do it right.

In addition to fixing old masonry, we can help you design your next new masonry project. Patios, chimneys, walkways, all built with pride and creativity.