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Masonry Restoration & Repair

below are a few examples of our work

Brick chimney after.

Brick chimney before.

Brick rebuild after.

Brick repair before.

Brick restoration after.

Brick restoration before.

Brick restoration complete.

Brick restoration midway through project.

Concrete restoration.

Limestone cleaning.

Partial rebuild and complete repointing in Newtown.

Rebuilding steps at Bucks County Community College.

Springhouse after.

Springhouse before.

Stopping leaks.

structural crack repair

new limestone lintle

terra cota restoration

brick restoration

brick restoration

brick repair

curing the lime mortar after repointing

lime mortar stone pointing

ridge joint

Need masonry restoration in Doylestown PA?

We have completed many projects with the goal being to return the altered structure back to more of its original form. We use authentic materials and match our new mortar to the old. Masonry cleaning and leak remediation.

MFL's motto is "Maintaining the Integrity of Historic Masonry". We take pride in using the correct repair materials and try to preserve as much of the buildings original fabric. Finding matching stones or bricks, installing lime mortars when used originally and the proper mortar and concrete mixes, reinforcing materials and additives for different applications. The appropriate repair of masonry is what we provide. We will work with the customer so they understand the different options available to them according to their finish expectations and budget.

Sweat makes good mortar.  - Unknown